Goumikids is an American based company who design and manufacture a range of baby accessories. Co-founders Lili and Lynsey started their company to solve the universal problem most caregivers have – keeping baby’s hands, feet and heads warm without overheating, sweating, itching or scratching.

Goumikids makes sustainable mitts, boots and hats from a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton with a small fastener to keep clothing secure. The patterns on the mitts and boots are decorative, but some designs are also high contrast to help brain development and eye movement in babies.

Newborns have fuzzy vision and only learn to focus their eyes at 4 – 8 weeks. They cannot see very far, but can track moving objects. High contrast patterns can help newborns learn to focus their eyes and keep them interested in their environment.

Goumikids boots is available from Amazon for £5, Goumikids mitts start at £8.49 and Goumikids hats are £5.90.

This article was first published on 15 December 2015. It contains affiliate links.