Last week I was lucky enough to get some time out of the office with Lily and our daughter. We went to Wales for the week and – no surprise – went loaded for bear with tech. We took what didn’t seem like two many photos but by the time we got back I had over 500 pictures to be backed up.

I’ve a Dropbox Pro account and due to several Chromebook promotions over the years have a stupid amount of space on Google so always try and upload full size images backed up to both. While my data plan is generous it’s not big enough to handle the upload (to say nothing of battery power) so I waited til I got home, plugged in, connected to wifi and waited.

Next morning I checked – Dropbox had uploaded but Google Photo’s had not – in fact it didn’t seem to have done anything. Several hours later and several possible fixes later I’d solved the problem and gotten it started.

If this happens to you the fix is relatively simple.

Go to settings, applications (then Application Manager on Samsung Devices) and select Photos. Give it a chance to calculate then select storage then Clear Data. It will pop up asking if you’re sure – you are. This won’t delete the actual photos on the device but rather the database and settings that will force it to rework out which photos have been uploaded and which haven’t. Reset the phone. Restart Photos and it will ask you to select an account to log in with. Pick whichever Google account you plan to upload to and then whether you want them at full quality or reduced.

Select Assistant at the bottom of the screen then select additional directories. By default photos will see the pictures your camera takes but if you use other software like Instagram you’ll need to flip the switches here as well. Finally go back to the Photo’s tab, plug in and let it think for a while. It will display “Getting Photos” while it analyses the photos on the phone and compares them to whats already been downloaded. With a relatively sparse account, this can be quite quick. With my 600gb of stored photos online and around 4gb on the phone it took about two hours.

After the analysis, the upload kicked in and uploaded all the images perfectly and kept on doing so with new images in the future.