Google started their I/O conference last night with a near three hour keynote.  We covered the highlights yesterday but there was so much information in that keynote and there have been many more hours of break out sessions since and there are more today that it is worth looking at again.

So what did we miss?


Perhaps of most consumer interest two of the Android Wear watches came out overnight and both are available in the UK.  The LG G Watch is £159, shopping 4th July in black and gold and the Samsung Gear Live will ship 7th July for £169.  Both are rectangular and and look about what you would expect from a wrist mounted computer but the G watch seems to be the more preferred choice by Google themselves.  The Motorola 360 is still remaining nebulous with a release date near the end of the summer and a price that may be around $50 – $100 more expensive, but there is no clear information as to if it will be in the UK.

We reported on a $10 infinite storage plan on Google Drive but it turns out this will only be available for business customers who have more than five users.  This effectively means a cost of $50 a month for 5 infinite storage drives which makes it far more difficult to use for home customers.  I can however see the utility if people clubbed together – one account for me, one for each family member and it might make sense.  Once past that restriction the only stated slowdown is that maximum file size allowed is 4 terabytes – hardly a problem for most people.

Google Docs has also had a new feature added – you can now edit, import and export Microsoft Office .docx files natively.  You have always been able to convert them to use in Google Docs but this change means they can be edited natively – there should not be any problems with formatting changes or the like which always seems to plague document conversions.

Finally Google has been following its usual practice and posting the developer sessions online to YouTube (or streaming them live in some cases) and there is a huge huge amount of detailed information for devs being posted.  Of particular interest personally was the session on designing for Android Wear and a session on processing genetic data on Google Cloud but there are a great many sessions available. If you are interested in digging deeper in this or any other of the parts of Google I/O most of the sessions have been put online here.

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