Today, May 15 is this years Global Accessibility Awareness day. The day is designed to generally raise the profile and increase digital awareness of accessiblity with a emphasis on getting designers to think about it accessibility and offering access to the widest range of disabilities possible.



The idea for the day was formed with a blog post complaining at how difficult it was to find reliable accessibility information.  The post was written by LA based dev John Devon in 2011 and was picked up by Jennison Asuncion who focuses professionally on accessibility and from there the idea for the day was born.

There are a number of real world and online events to support the day listed here including a meetup in London tonight and a Game Jam in June, also in London.

If you are a developer or maintainer of a site or any online presence take a few minutes today to think about what you are doing right and wrong and see if you can make any improvements.  Even little changes can matter.

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