Global A11y awareness day on 21 May | Ergohacks

Global Accessibility awareness day is a day that asks you to dedicate one day to raising the profile of and introducing the idea of digital accessibility to people with as many different disabilities and as wide an audience as possible. At Ergohacks we’re often submerged in this but coming from the outside tomorrow is an excellent day to stop and reflect on it.

So what is going on? A lot of things and a number of real world meet ups. Online the biggest event is the Paciello group holding 24 one hour webinars on all things accessibility at Some of the highlights include Improving Single Page App Accessibility, Accessibility By Design and Cognitive Accessibility 101. The talks are being recorded and will be available on YouTube in the future.

Next at 7 Thursday (UK time) 3PlayMedia is holding a free webinar of the 10 tips for creating accessible web content with WCAG 2.0.

If you are involved in designing for the web or can influence it in anyway GAAD have a number of suggestions for you to try to experience first hand the problems and issues that users with different physical issues experience. These range from unplugging your mouse for an hour and trying to cope using keyboard shortcuts to switching on a variety of the built in OS accessibility options.

However you participate today it is worth taking a few extra minutes to think about what small changes you are in a position to make that could make a big difference.


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