If you are new to the internet and computers in general it can seem a very daunting hill to climb and that everyone else is moving ahead without you.  If you are not financially well off (and even if you are) the simple cost of a good machine can be a problem.  Microsoft and the charity Go On have been quietly running a deal for those on certain benefits to get reduced cost PCs which is if you qualify is an excellent place to get a first computer.


The systems are very basic but will happily go online and start at only £99 delivered.  The qualifying benefits include Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseeker’s allowance, DLA, Carers allowance, Incapacity benefit, ESA or the disability element of working tax credit which covers most on low incomes.

Their site also allows you to compare low cost  (discounted) internet access deals for your postcode which is an essential step if you are getting online for the first time.

Finally they have some good first time guides covering how to plug in a PC and start it up, initial setup of Windows and basic security and anti-virus,

If you need a budget first PC [email protected] is a very good place to start for cheap PCs and laptops.


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