This week we’re featuring the GearTag Kickstarter project.  The GearTag is a bluetooth wireless tag that you pair to your phone and then attach to whatever item you wish to keep track of.  The device sets off an audible alarm if you move a certain distance out of range.

Tags like these have been manufactured before but the really interesting thing about this one is that it uses the newer Bluetooth LE standard.  This means that the battery in the tag will last for around a year without recharging or removal.  Older devices have needed daily or regular charging which have limited their usefulness.  In addition to the audible alarm when the range from your smartphone is exceeded there is a vibrator built in, the option to page the tag or the phone from the tag and a app that shows which direction the tag is from the phone.  The app will be available for iOS and Android.

The GearTag is being marketed as something to attach to your wallet or keys but there are obvious possible uses for it with regard keeping track of your child (attached it inside their coat)  or pets.  The possible uses for the absent minded are also obvious but I can’t help thinking that there will be some more less obvious accessibility uses when this gets into people’s hands.

Their current plan is to have the device available to Kickstarter backers by Christmas and to the general public by next year.  The kickstarter is now at $5,339 of their $25,000 goal with 27 days to go.

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