Gamers, whether they be console or PC gamers all have this desire to get the best possible setup and location for their gaming time.  For most it would be somewhere private,quiet and undisturbed, have little natural light and be comfortable, accessible and decorated exactly to the tastes of the gamer.

This perfect and accessible setup is fun to think about and to look at what people have created but the chances are that most of us do not have the space, time or money to actually get something like it.  So what things could most of us try?

For the console gamer perhaps the most important element is somewhere to sit which is comfortable and has a good view of the TV.  Beanbag chairs can be ideal for this such as thishigh backed gaming chair from Amazon.  It is highbacked providing good neck support, made of a (somewhat) waterproof material and even comes with a small footstool for the relatively low price of £35.00



A PC gamer will be looking for a a comfortable desk and chair setup.  The key as a PC gamer is ergonomics.  Get the most comfortable chair at the perfect height for your desk and your height and your back will thank you in the long term.  Neither has to be complicated – indeed a simple table will do for a desk if it is the correct height.  The best advice would be to physically try desk chairs until you find one that works for you. Once you have found the right style you can shop around for the right deal but nothing beats sitting for testing.

Looking online for inspiration give a multitude of sites that have the best 10, 25 or 50 game room or desk setups.  Think about how you play or work and tailor your setup towards it.

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