Fitness and the are two concepts which in most people’s head do not mesh up well.  In reality anyone who has a disability knows that you need to make the best use of and exercise what you do have.  Add this specialised need to train in specific ways to the modern trend for gamification and an obvious connection can be made.

g_5_rn02_2015_IIS_Fitness game for the physically impaired

German research company Fraunhofer has been running a project called the [email protected] system.  This system consists of a number of large sensors such as a seat cushion and shoulder pads that measure the users micro movements.  These measurements are then sent by bluetooth to a tablet and used as a control system for a game.  The physio or user selects what movement is most needed to be worked on and that becomes the control system.

The [email protected] system has been developed with thalidomide victims in mind and as part of the test process but it is easy to see how something similar could be adapted for wide scale usage although there would be tailoring problems trying to get specific control systems for specific users.


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