Special Effect is a UK charity that helps people with physical disabilities get setup to enjoy games and this weekend they are running their now annual GamesBlast Gaming marathon.  Last years’ GameBlast14 raised over £70,000 and this year they are aiming for £100,000.  At the time of writing they are already up to to £18,713 – and it’s not started yet.

Players are sponsored for the amount of time they can play and for individual challenges and over 50 companies and 250 individuals or teams have signed up.

Some of the more notable large scale events include:

The kickoff event is a global RuneScape 24 hour event by Jagex. Last year the RuneScape marathon contributed nearly £50,000 to the GameBlast total. Their stream starts at 12pm GMT on Friday and can be followed on the charity’s specialeffectteam channel on Twitch.

In the middle of the weekend is the amazing GameBlastLIVE, a Children in Need style 24 livestream, that’ll be streamed from the London headquarters UKIE. The show will feature interviews with top gaming figures, playthroughs of new game content, gaming merchandise giveaways and regular updates from the hundreds of teams across the world taking part in the charity fundraiser. The livestream starts at 10am on Saturday and can be seen at http://www.twitch.tv/gameblastlive

To cap it all, the mighty GAME are running an incredible series of fundraising events, and will be featuring GameBlast in their stores across the UK. They’re also partnering with Ginx for a 24 hour gaming spectacular that you can watch from 6pm Friday at http://gameblast.game.co.uk or www.twitch.tv/GinxTV

If you’ve got time this weekend tune in to one of the streams and support them or follow the #gamerblast15 and donate a few pounds to this worthy cause.

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