Saturday was a busy day. We left the house an hour after sunrise, drove from Wiltshire through Hampshire to Dorset and spent an energy intensive, active day learning new things about currency, Egyptian obelisks, steam trains, craneflies (daddy-long-legs) and Japanese gardens.

I travel light with a tiny bag and use my phone for everything – messages, photographs, making notes, keeping track of time, navigation, where to eat, finding opening times and reading or playing a game whilst waiting.

My main logistical calculation for a long day out is battery life. I have a car charger and an external battery, but neither fit in my bag or pocket and I have to balance my battery use against access to recharging facilities.

Saturday was different. I had the Galaxy S6 battery case from 1Byone which made my phone a bit heavier and bulkier (it adds 156g and a half inch of thickness), but it still fit in my bag and despite being on the go for a 12-hour day, I did not need to worry about running out of charge at any point, having tripled my battery life.

I took pictures, shared them, made notes, did research with Google to answer questions like “Why are there so many craneflies?”, “Will I see a baby hedgehog in the wood?”, “I need a wee now, where can we stop?” and then “How do we get back to our route from here when the satnav isn’t working?”

I felt a little like superwoman solving everyone’s problems. It’s amazing what a big difference a small accessory can make.

Product Information

Price: £24.99

Included in the box: 1x 4000mAh S6 Extended Battery Case, 1x Micro USB Charging Cable, 1 x Headphone Extension adaptor, 1 x User Manual, 18-month warranty and post-sale customer service.

Retailer: 1byone 4000mAh Extended Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6

About Manufacturer: 1Byone

1ByOne is a Chinese consumer equipment manufacturer that makes a very wide variety of devices including door bells, cables, batteries and smoke machines.

case image

The Ergohacks Evaluation


The S6 battery case is not a versatile product, but it doesn’t have to be because it makes the S6 phone a more versatile product. It fits well and its simple design does not detract from the phone.

The buttons are easy to push, it indicates level of charge with 4 lights, the ports remain accessible and having dropped it on concrete, a pine needle laden muddy path and a wood floor, both the battery and phone stood up to my clumsiness and neither had a scratch or a dent on it. It it not marketing as a drop-proof case and I cannot guarantee it’s robustness, but I am satisfied with the level of protection it has offered me so far.

It is a case that lends itself to a variety of uses, users, situations and changing circumstances. It will operate at variable temperatures, but is not waterproof. It functions in both sunlight and dark, but when plugged in there is a bright white annoying flashing light that made me plug it in to charge in a different room than myself or my phone.

Ergonomic Design

The S6 case has an ergonomic design that complements the phone. It can be used efficiently, comfortably and with mininal exertion. The buttons are easy to press, it clips on and off with relatively little force, but it does require some grip strength to fit. It also adds to the weight of the phone.

I would not use it as my every day at home and in the office case due to the added bulk and weight, but at times where I use my phone for short bursts intermittently, it works very well.

Environment & People

It is a standard battery and no particular environmental practices were employed during its manufacturing as far as I am aware. It is a battery and should be recycled appropriately after use.


Is it a cost-effective option and good value for money. It is both a case and a battery at the cost of a high quality case or external battery.


Battery type: Li-polymer
Capacity: 3.7V/4000mAh
Input: 5V / 1A (Max)
Output: 5V / 1A
Color: White, Black
Weight: 156 g

Warranty: 18 months


This is an accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile phone and as such works only in conjunction with an S6 – not an S6 Edge or S6 Plus.

case and phone


1byOne’s rechargeable back-up battery case for the S6 is well made, robust, simple and reliable. I have used it for 2 weeks and it has worked very well for me as a reliable back-up. The case does show grease quickly, but also wipes down quickly. It is easy to fit, a bit harder to remove, but that’s a good thing because it means my phone is well protected.

The added weight and bulk of a battery case is one of its main detractors, but this is a back-up case adding the weight of a bag of popcorn in an ergonomic design. It is a well-made case that looks good and works very well. Highly recommended and a great partner for an S6.

The review is based on the Rechargeable Backup Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 4000mAh kindly provided by 1Byone. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 29 September 2015.