Fulton is a well-known British specialist supplier of top quality umbrellas and hold a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen, and previously Her Majesty The Queen Mother.

Their umbrellas are developed by a team of mechanical engineers, new frames and materials are rigorously tested and Fulton regularly collaborates with designers to create stylish as well as functional umbrellas. Their umbrellas are beautiful, durable, versatile and ergonomic, but not particularly environmentally friendly.

The iconic Fulton style umbrella is the birdcage. Its canopy is made out of transparent, high grade PVC, which works very well, but Polyvinyl chloride is not an environmentally friendly material and very difficult to recycle. Fulton has manufactured a great alternative – the Eco Walker, a biodegradable umbrella with a bamboo frame and handle with a waterproof cotton cover.

The Eco-walker is not listed on the Fulton official site and is out of stock almost everywhere, but it is still available via Amazon for £16 (including delivery cost).

It has Fulton’s signature opening and closing mechanism and is also great as a parasol on hot, sunny days.