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FTL is one of the best games of 2012 and the latest patch has added a colour blind mode. It is accessed via the Options menu (there’s the option to either enable or disable). Colour blind mode “makes many color pallette changes and adds additional symbols to help out our colorblind players.” I’ve played it for a couple of hours on colour blind mode and the small changes made to the UI has been well-thought out and does make it easier for anyone with red-green,  blue-yellow or complete colour blindness.

FTL colour blind mode screenshot

Colour Blind Mode Enabled

FTL colour blind mode disabled

Colour Blind Mode Disabled

The combat panel has the most useful editions in colour blind mode. The enemy ship systems now have a cross above the symbol when its been fully disabled instead of only a background colour change from green/yellow to red. Rooms very low on oxygen are marked with hazard stripes on the floor instead of orange room borders. Green fills of functioning abilities are replaced with a white background.

FTL combat colour blind mode enabled

Combat with Colour Blind Mode enabled

Combat with Colour Blind Mode disabled

Combat with Colour Blind Mode disabled

FTL is available for PC and Mac on the website, Steam and with a 25% discount for the holidays.