Laptop tables designed for use in bed or at a couch are relatively common but they are usually either designed to sit on the bed or user or seem somewhat shaky.  Neither is great from an accessibility point of view so I was very interested to find the Coalesse Free Stand designed by Stephan Copeland. Watching the video its obvious this an extremely high quality piece of furniture.  It looks stable and strong – in particular the size of the floor stands is very impressive.

The Free Stand has adjustable height, is completely foldable and the surface is rotateable through 360 degrees.  It also has a built in handle for more portability.  It will take up to 15kg – a Macbook is around 2kg so there is plenty of strength there.


As you might imagine the price of the Free Stand is commiserate with its seeming quality.  It has a list price of $600 but is listed on the Coalesse website for $399 – around £235.  They do not ship to the UK but instead point you towards a number of other resellers who can do so. These resellers seem to add around $20 to $40 and the shipment to the UK adds on another $20.  In total then to get a Free Stand in the UK would cost around £260.



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