Last month I noted with interest that US company Freedom Pop was starting to offer devices to go with their new UK services. Freedom Pop’s hook is that they offer a basic tier of phone coverage for free. This includes 200 texts and 200 minuites with 200mb of data. Unsurprisingly if you go over you get charged extra and there are higher tier plans available but if you’re a low careful user you would never have to pay. You can also  supplement your data with surveys, adverts and videos – watch them and get extra data added to your pool.

Freedom Pop are so far only offering one device –  The Freedompop V7. It’s a budget £59 android phone with low but not awful specs – 5″ 720p screen, Snapdragon 210, 13 megapixel camera, 8gb memory, dual sims and Android 6.0.

Is it actually useable though? I’ve just gotten a V7 through the door and I’m planning on trying to use it as my primary phone for the next week  before writing a full review of both the service and phone. I’ll keep my regular Samsung S7 phone on me so people calling me can get ahold of me but try and shift everything else to the V7 for a week. I live and work mainly surrounded by a bubble of wifi so this might actually be reasonable. Watch this space.