Anyone who knows me knows’s that I’ve usually got multiple books on the go and love reading. I’m always on the lookout for more decent things to read and one obvious go to has always been Project Gutenberg books. They’ve got a huge collection of ebooks that are out of copyright or print and are free but while the text is usually great they’re often spotty when it comes to formats, editing, formatting and spelling. You can read Gutenberg books but they can be a slog.

All of those problems are fixable using something like Calibre but you’re downloading books to read not to edit. Enter Standard Ebooks. Standard Ebooks are taking any out of copyright or copyright free books they can find on Project Gutenberg and and typesetting and formatting them in a consistent way. It doesn’t sound like a big change but as a reader the difference between a book that’s properly or improperly formatted and edited is huge.

Everything they’re producing is free, easy to access and pretty. If you’re a reader it’s well worth your time to have a browse.