We’ve written about the note taking service Evernote multiple times before here and have looked at its more commonly used features – but what about the more unusual features?  What else is there that the average user does not know about?


Email access

You can email anything you want to into Evernote and get it to end up in a specific notebook and a specific tag.  You can find your individual email address in the accounts settings under usage where it can also be reset if needed.  To get your email into a specific notebook add the notebook name with a @ into the subject and a # for the tag – for exmaple the @backup #electricbill would get the email into the backup notebook and apply the tag electricbill.

Twitter access

As well as email you can use Twitter to get notes into Evernote.  Follow @myEN an they will follow you back and DM you a link to connect your Evernote and Twitter accounts.  Follow the link and from now on whenever you add @myEn to a tweet or DM @myEN a new note will be added to your Evenote account.

Note Links

Note links are a feature inside Evernote that in some ways mimic web links.  They allow you to put a link from one note to another note.  By itself that doesn’t sound too useful but it lets you create index pages of notes on a topic which can be very useful;  add to this the fact that you can publish individual notebooks publically online and in the right situation it can be very useful.

Links can only be created in the desktop clients.  Right click on the note title and select ‘Copy Note Link’.  This link is then copied into the clipboard and can be pasted into any other Evernote note.

Two-Step Verification

Two-step or dual factor authentication is a feature of Evernote that has only been rolled out to non-premium members in the last couple of months and significantly increases the security of your account.  It essentially means that even if your password becomes public knowledge you would be the only person able to log into your own account.  Two step combines something you know (your password ) with something you have (an SMS or an app on your phone) to restrict access to your account.

If you have an Evernote account you should be turning it on – once you’ve done so you can authenticate your regular machines and almost forget about it but will be far far more secure.

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