Fitbit was one of the first companies to start producing a popular movement and exercise tracking system with the Fitbit Flex.  Fitbit have since increased their line with the One but the Flex remains their primary wrist mounted measurement system.  So what is it and what can it do?

The Fitbit is a tiny inch long dongle that fits inside a rubberized elastic wristband.  It is designed to be taken off as little as possible with a five day battery life.  It can measure steps, distance, calories (if you input the information into the app), sleep and very active times.   The Flex connects via Bluetooth with your mobile phone or using a USB dongle with your PC.  The recorded data is accessible either in app or on the Fitbit website and there are third party apps using their open api also available.  It is also possible to use the Flex to set silent vibrating alarms for yourself.

We’ve recently got a Fitbit Flex and are putting it through its paces and will report back with a full accessibility review in a few weeks.  At the moment we’ve mixed impressions.  The tracking information is very interesting but is restricted as it is designed primarily as an activity tracker it does not handle unusual motions properly – for example it picks up some use of an electric wheelchair as walking which is not quite accurate.

Fitbit Flex

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