Firefall is an upcoming free-to-play MMO FPS from Red 5 Studios that this week went into an open beta. We will be doing an accessibility preview soon, but for now we have a video showing the in game options available.  There are no bright effects in this video.  If your connection can handle it I’d recommend turning up the quality as far as you can as the text can be a little unclear at lower resolutions.

Some of the high points we have seen include:

  • Built in support (with remappable keys) for the Xbox controller, although as this is an MMO you will need to use the keyboard as well to get the most out of it
  • An ability to change from a 3rd to 1st person view whenever you want to
  • Multiple different independent audio volume controls including a Master, music, effects, voice over, character chatter, interface sounds.
  • An option to play audio whenever you are injured (Hit) and to set the pitch of this notification
  • Voice chat on a separate volume meter
  • Invertible mouse axis, gamepad axis and scrolling
  • Adjustable aim sensitivity
  • An ability to show or hide your weapon in a first person perspective
  • Changeable colors for auto indicating enemies and friends.
  • Rebindable keys
  • Auto-run
  • A HUD which is fully adjustable both in the size of individual items and their position.  It is also somewhat customisable in color and individual sections can have orientation changed.

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