The new MMO from Red 5 Studios ‘Firefall’ enters open beta today, exiting  its year long closed beta. Firefall attempts to combine traditional MMO’s and First Person Shooters.  The game is free to play and seems to charge for additional ingame currency, vehicles and cosmetics as well as offering starter packs to new users.

Firefall has an open-world setting and features both a cooperative system and a traditional multiplayer system. Players can level up and gain better equipment but are still balanced such that a high level character could be threatened by a better played or lucky lower level character. There will be clear PvP and PvE areas with differentiated missions, raids and objectives.

Classes are called ‘Battleframes’ and there are 5 types: Assault, Dreadnaught, Recon, Biotech and Engineer. Interestingly you can change classes at any time as they are determined by equipment rather than something inherent to the character. It is also a break from the traditional Tank/DPS/Healer combination as each class seems to have some of each ability.

Firefall is set in a near future sci-fi Earth where a dimensional wormhole called the “Melding” is gradually converting and taking over the world. You are employed to do tasks, fight off mutant humans and invaders and gather resources and information.

At first look Firefall’s combination of MMO and shooter seems on first impression to be effective and from a UI and accessibility point of view more along the MMO side of the line that is usually very accessible.  We will be taking a more in depth look in the next few days and will report back.

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