There are many reading systems for the blind and partially sighted from Braille, large text to audio books but most only work with preparation on specific sets of text.  The Finger Reader is a small device that fits on over your forefinger.  It has a small camera built in which is uses to scan and then recognise text.  This text is then read out loud in real time.  It uses a series of noises and vibrations to indicate to the user when they get to the end of a line or passage to

It has been developed at MIT in their Media Lab and if it works as well as the video implies it it potentially game changing for many people.  It has been tested with a number of fonts, sizes and formats of paper and screen and the only issue it has is with touch screens – the action of running your finger along the text moves the text making it hard to read.

There is no information as to when it would come to market or what the price would be but it none of the components are particularly high end so its possible it would be less expensive than you would think.

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