Fifa 14 is now available in the UK and critics are definitely giving it a thumbs up. It is a multi-platform title released for all the traditional platforms, Xbox 360, Play Station 3, PC, Nintendo Wii, as well as both handheld consoles, the 3DS and PS Vita and it is free-to-play on Android and iOS. It will also be available on the next generation consoles, Xbox One and PS4. A demo was released two weeks ago for those who want to try it.


Tom Bramwell, Eurogamer, 8/10 concludes his review with: “You could argue that FIFA 14 shows EA Sports is running out of ideas, then, but for me this is a developer that knows exactly what it’s doing. Neither the football match engine nor Ultimate Team were broken in any major way, and the placebo effect of a suite of control and balance tweaks, along with its increasingly snug ties to the drama of real-life football, will be enough to carry its ever-growing audience of players through the next season.”

Daniel Krupa at IGN gave it a 9/10: “FIFA 14 isn’t a major landmark for the series in terms of innovation. Unlike recent iterations, it doesn’t ask you to relearn key skills. But the changes have made FIFA more attacking, fun, welcoming, and attractive, and ultimately it’s a stronger experience. PES presents a credible alternative in terms of gameplay – FIFA can’t replicate it’s artful passing style – but when it comes to exciting gameplay, impeccable presentation, and a generous year-long experience, FIFA is still in a league of its own.”

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