When you were a kid did you ever get a magnifying glass and try using the sun to light something on fire? Chances are unless you were lucky you probably only managed to singe your target in the weak British sun. FEBO is a tool that takes this idea of focusing the suns power and turns that charring into something to use for art. At its core the FEBO is a perfectly shaped magnifying glass held in a stand that keeps it at the correct focal distance. Aim the top at the sun and hold and move a piece of paper underneath and you can produce pictures that look a little like charcoal line drawings.

If like me you have very little artistic skill FEBO comes with several stencils that let you draw simple shapes. They show the example of drawing a key on a sign and include letters from A to R as well as a few sayings and basic cut-outs. Finally it includes coloured filters that let you “make the product more personal” and block the lens so that you don’t accidentally char a hole in your desk!

The FEBO is currently funded on Kickstarter with an initial goal of $8,000 long surpassed at around $65,000 and 7 days still to go. The cheapest reward that includes a FEBO, one filter and sunglasses is available for $35 with worldwide shipping from Italy predicted in November this year.

It’s an interesting product and I can see uses for it in making signs and personalizing equipment and for those with some artistic ability. It’s more advanced than just using a magnifying glass but it it worth the extra cost? Maybe if you are going to be using it a lot or if you just like the beautiful design.

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