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Shoelaces are something that we very rarely think about. Depending on what you are wearing on your feet they are something you probably interact with for a few seconds at most a few times a day. I’ve gotten into the very bad habit of just slipping shoes on and off without properly tightening them to save time and effort but this has not had good consequences for my feet.

What I want is something elastic that is easy to tighten on and off and which is simple to use and not too expensive. Enter the Fast Mile No Tie Shoelaces. Elastic laces were originally designed and marketed for running shoes but there’s no real reason why they cannot be used on other styles of footwear. The No Ties come in packs of three and after fitting claim to both save time and stretch to provide a better fit.

The laces are 1.2 metres long which I found worked perfectly both on my normal boots and for my daughters snow boots. They took around 5 minutes to fit – the hardest part was getting the normal laces off – and then were easy to use. The integrated lock takes a small amount of pressure to open and was simple to explain to our five year old.

There is one other potential benefit – they have reflective strands built in and at night catch the light surprisingly well and at night makes you just that little bit more visible.

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Product Information

Price: £9.97

Three 1.2m laces with locks and end bells.

Retailer: Amazon +:

Manufacturer Fast Mile


Fast Miles 8

The Ergohacks Evaluation


The laces work well with most sizes of shoes. The largest we tried them in was a size 7 adult pair of laced snow boots which they were just long enough for. They are also removable and the lock and bell can be reused if you move the laces to another pair of shoes.

They are suitable for users with most physical issues as long as you can hold a consistent light grip on the lock and pull on the bell. I was able to do this with one hand with a little practice.

Ergonomic Design

The laces mean that your shoes are likely to fit more snuggly and securely. This has clear benefits on posture and on how your foot copes. They are not a panacea – if your shoes do not fit properly then the laces will not change that but they will help. They also have the advantage that they are less likely to come undone or loosen unexpectedly than standard tie laces will which means less chance of trips or falls.


There are a number of laces which are relatively similar on Amazon and the average price seems to be around £5 or £6 so a three pack for £10 is good value. Fast Mile also include a one year warranty.


Target gender: Unisex
Length: 1.2 metres
Color: Black or white

Warranty: One year no quibble return


Fast Miles 5


If like me you rarely do up your shoelaces properly or if you regularly exercise you should be looking at alternatives. Elastic laces with good locking mechanisms make putting your shoes on quicker and give you a better fit overall. The Fast Mile No Tie shoelaces are a good example of what you need and assuming you need multiple pairs are very well priced.  Their reflective threading is an extra bonus that might well be useful for some users. Recomended.

The review is based on the black No Tie Shoelaces from Fast Mile. This article was first published on 26th January 2016 

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