Far Cry is one of the better known first person shooter franchises around and today launches its fourth major installment in North America and the UK. As with all previous Far Cry’s it takes place in an exotic local – in this case the fictional Kyrat mountain kingdom of the Himalayas.  The lead character arrives to spread his mother’s ashes and finds himself quickly dragged into the civil war between the dictator kind Pagan Min and the rebel Golden Path.

We had a chance to play an early mission in September and as Far Cry 3 players found the game very familiar and playable.  The conflict between a tense time driven storyline and an open world environment is  said to result in less of an open world experience than 3 but even more dense in the map areas that are available.

There are multiple versions available with different unique DLCs and in game items but it is available on PS4PCXBox OnePS3 and XBox 360 for around £40.  There is also a £23 season pass which can be purchased to give full access to all the DLC’s and any future content.

We’ve a PC copy to review and will let you know in the coming days and weeks how it goes.

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