The Far Cry franchise has been one of my personal favourites for some time. I was new to the franchise with Far Cry 3 but enjoyed it so much I ended up going back and playing 1 and 2. Doing this I could clearly see the progression – both in the game play and the accessibility. With this in mind I’ve been looking forward towards 4 and had the opportunity last week at EGX to play.

The demo I had access to covered you attacking a small fort outpost. You were dropped off in front of it and had to use an elephant to break down the gates. At that point it turned into a fire fight with the defenders. If you were not (as I was not) able to stop them sounding the alarm a helicopter of reinforcements arrives after a minute or two and has to be dealt with. The demo ended when you defeated the enemies and exited the fort.


So how was it? Perhaps the best single word I could use to sum it up was familiar. The snippet that I was able to play was necessarily completely devoid of any plot and as such felt very much like playing Far Cry 3, just attacking a bigger version of an outpost. The graphics are similar if slightly better but the game feels the same. The biggest change was the ability to ride which was a welcome addition. The elephant did not act like just a de-skinned jeep – it was an NPC which interacted (and attacked) other NPCs when I dismounted.

Far Cry 4 does not appear to have made any changes to Far Cry 3’s surprisingly good accessibility options. I did not get more than a two second glimpse through the settings but it did appear to be the same both in style and in contents as in Far Cry 3.

We’ll have to wait until November to get the full picture but at the moment this looks a very worthy game – fun and accessible.

Far Cry 4 is to be released November the 14th 2014. It will be available on PC, PS4, PS3,Xbox One and Xbox 360. The demo was played on the PC.



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