Faith in Nature is a UK-based company that manufactures natural, affordable eco-friendly beauty products. I love their range because I can trust what is and is not in their products (no synthetic fragrances, no parabens or phtalates, no petroleum derived ingredients, no BPA plastic).

Faith in Nature is a company that shops locally as much as possible, engages in fair trade, supports animal welfare, contributes to charitable causes, keep their prices affordable and care about their impact on the environment.

The product range is extensive with a selection of fragrances as well as a dedicated men’s and children’s range.

Product Information

Price: £2 – 7 per item

A large selection of products are available in different sized containers, starting with a 100g bar of soap that sells for around £2-4.

Soap, shampoo and condition in 400ml bottles are around £5-7, a 100g stick roll-on is around £3.50, a 300ml hand wash is around £4-7 and a 150ml bottle of body lotion is also around £5-7. A selection of large container or bulk-buy option is also available which lowers the price per ml.

Retailer: Amazon & more

Faith in Nature is available in a range of health and beauty stores as well as farm shops, find your nearest stockist here or shop on-line directly from their site.

Amazon has a wide selection of Faith in Nature products at a very good price. Many items, like the Pomegranate & Rooibos, Roll-on deodorant and Rosemary shampoo qualify for free next day delivery for Prime members and is part of the subscribe and save scheme with 5% off individual subscriptions and 15% off when subscribing to more than 5 items in the same month. .

About Manufacturer: Faith in Nature

Rivka Rose, who grew up in New York City, founded the company over 40 years ago. “When we started, nobody was talking about ‘green’ cosmetics. It wasn’t fashionable, and it wasn’t mainstream… whether in New York City, or Edinburgh where Faith in Nature was born, or in any corner of our wonderful world, the truth still holds that by working with nature, rather than against it, we can treat ourselves, sustainably and ecologically.” Read more here.

The Ergohacks Evaluation


The Faith in Nature range is manufactured for people with diverse abilities and preferences. It has a large selection of fragrances, as well as a men’s, baby, fragrance free and anti-dandruff range. It is easy to buy, easy to use and a little goes a long way.

Allergens and sensitivity

Faith in Nature products contain foaming agents (Ammonium laureth sulfate), surfactants like Cocamidopropyl betaine, detergents and emulsifiers like Polysorbate 20 as well as preservatives like Potassium sorbate and Sodium benzoate.

In high concentrations many of these can cause skin irritation, but the nature of a cleaning product is to remove dirt and grime from the skin, which require all soaps and shampoos to strike a careful balance between being strong enough to work well, but not so strong as to damage the skin.

I think Faith in Nature gets the balance right and have produced products that work very well without being abrasive. All their products uses ALES (Ammonium Laureth sulphate) instead of  SLS, SLES. ALES is similar to SLES, but has a longer carbon chain and this makes it less irritating to the skin. Allergens are declared on all Faith in Nature products, as is legally required.

No Migraine triggering ingredients

The word fragrance, “Parfum” or aroma in an ingredients list is a warning sign for many who experience perfume as a migraine trigger. However, “Faith in Nature only uses natural fragrances obtained from pure natural essential oils, designated by the plant name in the INCI ingredient list or as ‘Parfum’.”

I get terrible migraine attacks triggered by perfume and fragrance found in many cosmetic products, but not the Faith in Nature range . Fragrances derived from natural essential oils is not a migraine trigger for me and is definitely worth a try for anyone in a similar situation.

Ergonomic Design

Faith in Nature products come with an easy to open clip-top or twist cap design that is comfortable to open with minimal effort. It does not have safety caps and there is no need to violently shake the bottle to get to the contents.

Some grip strength is required, but the caps are also removable and 5 litre containers are available that makes refilling your own container more cost effective and easier.

Environment & People

Faith in Nature is an ethical company that value the environment, do not test on animals, use no animal ingredients and supports ethical and responsible business practices. It is a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). Read more details about their ingredients, sourcing and practices on their website here.

For consumers, using body care products that have been ethically and sustainable sourced limits your environmental footprint and indirectly support sustainable and responsible business globally. The containers are BPA-free and rPET plastic is used when possible and the there is little plastic to worry about when using the 5 litre containers to refill your own reusable containers.


The Faith in Nature range is one of the most cost-effective organic beauty product ranges on the market. Faith in Nature is committed to keeping the cost as low as possible.

It is not a budget choice, there are many cheaper ranges on the market, but its one of the most cost-effective natural ranges using organic ingredients with fair trade and sustainable practices in place on the market.


Size: 400ml standard size, 100g soap bar, 5L bulk containers




Faith in Nature is a great company that manufactures great products. They have a versatile range that has something for everyone and all their products have a bold scent achieved without adding synthetic fragrances.

The biggest selling points of the product themselves are their natural scent, the fact that a little goes a very long way and their soaps, shampoos, deodorant and conditioners work really well. Highly recommended.

The review is based on a selection of products from the Faith in Nature range, including shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, soap bar, deodorant and body lotion. This post contains affiliate links. First published on 27 September 2015.