Hidden Hearing, a private UK based health provider has a free interactive game to help determine whether you might benefit from a hearing aid or not. Listen to a variety of signature sounds in one of four rooms in the house and then guess which room it was. Find the Hearing House here.

screenshot of hearing house home page

There is also a speech-in-noise on-line hearing test that is obviously not comprehensive, it just tests how clearly you can hear speech with different types and level of background noise. If you discover that you might benefit from a hearing test also offers free hearing tests (with no obligation) at one of their centres or satellite locations. I found a branch within 10 miles of my location.

Hearing loss is a gradual process that often go undetected as we compensate for it by turning sounds up and relying more on visual cues for communication. It is often other people who notice it first and most people are quite resistant to the idea of hearing loss and potentially needing a hearing aid.

Hearing aids can improve quality of life and modern hearing aids fit comfortably and unobtrusively. For more information on hearing protection and preventing hearing loss, have a look at the Hidden Hearing infographic here.