Euan’s Guide is a website and and apps that tries to be a definitive crowd sourced directory of the accessibility and information about local attractions. Euan lives in Edinburgh and had slowly build up a a local directory of venues including bars, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, festivals and sports grounds. He realised that this directory would be of use to other people and decided to publish it online but open it up for more people to fill in information UK wide.


This website soon evolved to include an Android and a iOS app and has been slowly adding venue information since its launch in November 2013.  This ability for anyone to add reviews is both its strength and its weakness.  If the guide manages to get moving and enough reviews to make it worth visiting then people will be more likely to submit reviews.

At the moment it is still early and a search on my local area did not reveal anything within the nearest 20 miles or so.   There seem to be many more reviews for Scotland and the larger cities like London. The review submission process seemed simple, requiring only venue name and location and a score out of five but allowing you to rate parking or transport, access, toilets and staff and to detail your disabilities.

Euans Guide


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