With summer already here it is the time of year where we want to get out into the countryside and having a three-year old we simply have to have picnics.  In the past whenever I’ve had picnics I’ve had the relatively close to the car or house and have used a cool box to good effect.  They are simple, easy to pack and have worked well.  They do have one major problem – if you want to travel any distance on foot or a bicycle they are tiring or impossible to carry.

The solution was obvious to me – a backpack of some sort.  This should be robustly built and comfortable to carry, have a large insulated area, have space for cutlery and ideally plates and to prevent having to carry two bags should also have an area which the normal things I carry around like medication and changes of clothes can go.

confidence 1

Finding a bag to fulfill these requirements turned out to be surprisingly difficult.  Bags either were entirely insulated, or were too small to carry enough food.  The styles and designs they were available in simply did not meet my requirements.  I considered the possibility of getting a non-insulated bag and putting an insulated pocket inside it but did not want to go down that route if I could avoid it.

Eventually after much searching I have found two possible contenders.  The Confidence Picnic Backpack Hamper for £27.99 and the cheaper Draper Backpack cool bag for £15.95.


The Confidence seems to hit all of the requirements needed.  A section for plates and cutlery (although much of the included parts could be removed), a section for other things and it looks relatively comfortable to carry.  Unfortunately Amazon does not give dimensions for the cooler pocket and the price is inflated somewhat because of the included utensils.  In addition the extras pocket may be too small and I do not need all the included extras

The Draper is much more basic with a large insulated pocket and a smaller non-insulated.  It looks hardy and well made but is perhaps too simple for our needs.  It is however good contender if you did not need to carry much extra with you.

In the end I think that I am still looking for that ideal picnic bag – can anyone recommend one?


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