Finger, thumb and wrist problems can make it difficult to use a mouse. This is doubly so for a preschool child just starting out on their journey of learning how to use a computer with a keyboards and a mouse. A trackball is a good alternative, but if possible, learning how to use a standard mouse is a very useful skill to have. I have not been able to find a mouse suitable for a 2-4 year old with hypermobility and Sugru presented the opportunity to make my own.

sugru adapted mouse featured image

Starting with a [amazon_link id=”B00745IE1Q” target=”_blank” ]Logitech M187 Wireless Mini Mouse[/amazon_link], I have added a Sugru button on top of the left mouse button to make it easier to press. The button has been moulded to her finger with raised edges that provide extra support. As her hands grow we plan to redo the interface, Sugru has been easy to remove and reapply.

sugru mini mouse custom button moulding it

Assistive Technology for toddlers are difficult to track down. Finding the right fix for complex needs within the right budget and time frame (equipment often arrive late from specialists and children have outgrown it) can be challenging. The Sugru toddler mouse is a viable, affordable alternative with the added bonus of continuous customizability that doesn’t break the bank. Often, equipment sourced through healthcare or social services arrive too late and children have outgrown them. Sugru made it easy to make our own custom designed mouse that is also attractive and appealing.