Ergolife Luxury Picnic Blanket Review

The Ergolife picnic blanket is a high-quality polyester blanket with a waterproof base and soft polar fleece top in red, green or grey. Ours have now spent 15 months accompanying us into the outdoors, from woods to fields, sandy beaches to rocky tops and have been used for sunbathing, picnics, den building, afternoon naps, a waterproof wrap up in a pushchair without canopy and impromptu camping blanket on a colder night.

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About Ergolife

“Ergolife is a Swedish health company. We work by adhering to a clear philosophy which is valid for each and every product in our range… To be included in the Ergolife product range, each item has to fulfill three important criteria: Health: Ergolife range increases well-being, both body & soul. Design: Clear timeless form follows function. Function: Practical, simple and innovative solutions.”*


The ergolife blanket is soft to the touch and very comfortable to sit or lie on. It has the added advantage of soaking up spills. We spilled 500ml of water on it and it didn’t spread across the blanket, but soaked in on the spot, leaving the rest of the blanket safe to sit on. It washes easily, dries quickly in the sun and shakes off most things after use. The base is waterproof and keeps dampness from seeping into the blanket. We have spread it out over wet grass, clammy sand and damp forest floors and the top remained dry.

The blanket is double bed size (200cm x 150cm), large enough for 4 people to sit comfortably, 2 adults to lie down and plenty of room for a family. It rolls up and is kept in a bundle with a clip-cable that is not attached to the blanket, which is an added bonus as there is no bulky attachments that is uncomfortable to sit or lie on – however, it is also more easily misplaced or lost.

Environment & People

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* The Ergolife blanket is made of polyester which is derived from non-renewable petroleum resources and will not biodegrade, however it recycles well and requires little maintenance when in use. It washes at low temperatures, requires no ironing and is very durable.


£30 for a picnic blanket is not a budget choice, but it is a highly cost effective choice for anyone who spends a significant time outdoors and enjoys picnics, beach days or camping. The Ergolife picnic blanket is portable and light-weight, durable, luxurious and lends itself to many outdoor uses.


Size: 200 cm x 150 cm
Item Weight: 1.1 Kg
Colour: Red, Green, Grey
Textile: Water repellent polyester base with 260 gram per square meter soft anti-pilling polarfleece top.
Environment: In/Outdoors
Machine washable at 40°C

Allergy: This product contains no common allergens and is made from polyester.



The Ergolife picnic blanket is a great accessory for an outdoor picnic. We have used it regularly over the last 15 months and it has performed extremely well. It still looks as good as new and feels as soft and comfortable as the day we received it. Highly recommended.


The review is based on the Ergolife picnic blanket (Red) kindly provided by Ergolife. This article was first published on 17 July 2015 and last updated on 12 October 2016. 

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