I’ve reviewed a lot of headphones over the last few months and they’ve all had their upsides – looks, comfort, sound quality or battery life. As a set of Bluetooth sports headphones, the Eonfine’s were never going to be the be the best sound quality – but they make up for it with a range of little extras – a comfortable fit, waterproofing, ergonomic controls, magnetized earbuds and acceptable sound quality.

First there’s the fit. The headphones come with three sets of earpieces that include both an in ear bud and an arm that grips the inner shell of your ear. I’d wondered how comfortable they could be, but after spending a few minutes with the different sizes and learning that I had to almost twist it into my ear to get it set, I was surprised by how comfortable they are. Eonfine have chosen to put batteries in both earphones and include a nifty clip that can shorten the flat cable and this in combination with the earpiece shape means that they stay in very well. I’ve tested them running, skating and trampolining and if I take the second or two to get them seated right they stay where they are.

The headphones next trick is waterproofing. Eonfine say on their marketing that he headphones are tested to an IP66 standard and IPX66 and that they are submersible for several seconds – unfortunately, these are three different claims which don’t match up. IP66 is dust tight and protected from powerful water jets, IPX6 is not tested with dust but able to handle water jets and submersible would be IPX7. I would be confident wearing the headphones in the rain, but despite some claims if you drop them in water, you are probably going to have a broken headset.

Bluetooth headphones have gotten easier to control over time and the Eonfine’s continue this trend. The built in controller hangs at a convenient height and the three buttons are nicely clicky with have raised markings that are large and easy to interpret.

So back to sound quality – for Bluetooth in earphones it’s quite good lacking a little on the bass but with good mids and acceptable highers. The very close fit of the earphones means it can be run surprisingly loud and is quite isolating. I found them decent for listening to music and good for spoken word. The built-in microphone is reasonable and will work for the occasional phone call.

The final trick up the Eonfine’s sleeve took me a few days to realise – their metal backs isn’t just for looks and is actually a pair of reasonably strong magnets. Take the earphones out of your ears and if you don’t want to curl them up to put in the included carry case then you can snap them together around your neck. Snapping the two magnets together also pauses the music or hangs up the call which is a nice bonus.

Product Information

Retailer: Amazon +:

Price: RRP £39.99, currently £20.99

About Eonfine

Eonfine is a trademark owned by Shenzhen Kumeida Technology Co. of Shenzen China. The company makes a range of small electrical and Bluetooth equipment as well as phone cases and some scientific equipment. They have around 150 staff and has a turn over of around $10 million dollars in 2014 with the majority earned in the US but significant markets in South America.


  • Target audience: Runners, sportsmen and those involved in fitness.
  • Target age range: Teens, Adults, Older adults
  • Target gender: Unisex/gender neutral, black with metal accents
  • Optimized for left handed use with the controls on that side.
  • Indoor and outdoor use, will withstand inclement weather


At £20 the Eonfines is a decent value for money – there are cheaper headphones available but these are the lowest cost that will stand up to the stresses and increased movement when physically active.


Colour: Black or black and fluorescent yellow
Materials: Plastic and rubber
Waterproofing: IP66
Bluetooth: 4.1 A2DP and Apt-X
Battery: Integrated 120mAh rechargeable lithium
Earbuds: Three sizes
Charging: MicroUSB
Microphone: Yes


Electric plugs or hook-up

A MicroUSB port to charge before use and a Bluetooth source of audio.



The Eonfine Bluetooth Sports Headphones are a solidly made and well-designed set of sports headphones that provide reasonable sound quality and will handle most of our workout routines without blinking. They are well priced and would suit almost anyone who works out regularly. Recommended.

The review is based on the Bluetooth Sports Headphones V4.1 kindly provided by Eonfine. Click to read more about our eco icons, access icons and feature icons used in this review. This article was first published on 17th June 2016.