Prince Roger Ramius Sergei Alexander Chiang MacClintock, Heir Tertiary to the Throne of Man, is a whiny, arrogant, proud, petulant, self-centred 22-year old who doesn’t like himself very much. His mother, the empress, sends him off to a backwater planet, another make-work task to keep him busy, but on the way, his ship is sabotaged and Prince Roger and his elite bodyguards – Bravo Company of Bronze Battalion of the Empress’ Own Regiment – is stranded on Marduk – a hot, wet, inhospitable world and it’s going to be a long, tough journey fighting their way home.

The series consists out of four books, all brilliant. Stefan Rudnicki’s narration brings the unique and magnificent world of Marduk, as well as the characters in the series, fully to life and I still hear his voice whenever I open a copy of any Empire of Man book.

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March Upcountry (Empire of Man #1), March to the Sea (Empire of Man #2), March to the Stars (Empire of Man #3), We Few (Empire of Man #4)

Price: 1 Audible credit per book, £12.40 per book, £3.99 if you already own the Kindle edition.

About David Weber, John Ringo

John Ringo is an American Science Fiction and thriller author who specialises in military themes. He served in the US military, became a marine biologist then a database manager. In 1999 he wrote A Hymn Before Battle starting his popular Posleen invasion series and has gone on to write almost 50 novels in multiple universes with no sign of slowing down.

David Weber is also a prolific American Science fiction writer with over 45 books published. His breakout and still most popular series is a space opera based around the character Honor Harrington and there are almost 30 books in the single universe.


The series consists out of four books. All are available as a paperback, Kindle and Audible versions. There has been much speculation and some statements about more books in the series, but there is no scheduled release dates or any guarantee that there will be more. The series does feel complete with the four titles and will not leave anyone dissatisfied, but I think everyone who has read the series would embrace the opportunity to read more because it’s just that good.


  • Genre: Military sci-fi, Character driven fiction
  • Target age range: Adults, Older adults
  • Target gender: Unisex/gender neutral

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One Audible credit for a critically acclaimed audiobook is definitely a cost-effective choice and four credits for the series is money well spent. If you already own the Kindle edition, the audiobooks are available for £3.99 each and with Stefan Rudnicki’s excellent narration, I highly recommend listening to the series even if you have already read the series.


Written by: David Weber, John Ringo
Narrated by: Stefan Rudnicki

Series: Empire of Man
Listening length: 17 hours and 15 minutes
Pages: 507 pages
Available formats: Unabridged Audiobook, Kindle Edition, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio MP3 CD
Publisher (Audio): Blackstone Audio, Inc.
Publisher (Kindle): Baen Books; 1 edition (9 Dec. 2013)
Release date: 2001 – 2005
Language: English
Word Wise: Enabled
Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled


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The Empire of Man series is an epic sci-fi adventure series, but it’s also an emotional roller coaster filled with loss, regret, personal struggles and sacrifice. The characters grow, change and adapt, relationships gain depth and by the end of the first novel, Bravo Company and Prince Roger feel like old friends. Stefan Rudnicki’s narration does the series justice and he captures both the essence of the characters and recreates the ambience of Marduk better than I could when I first read the books and imagined the world. The audiobooks truly bring the series to life.

Highly recommended.


The review is based on the Audible Edition of the series narrated by Stefan Rudnicki. This article was first published on 17 July 2016 and last updated on 14 November 2016.