Personal transport is something that has been tried in literally hundreds of ways over the centuries. Walking, cycling, riding horses, taking trains, driving cars and for the more adventurous – scooters, rollerblades, hover boards and Segways have all come along to help us get from point A to B. Along the way we have invented sports and games around it –  some formalised and some just fun.

Scooters have been around for over 100 years, but became a household item in the 1990s. Electronic scooters are the most recent version and are just starting to join the consumer market. The MSC Electric E Scooter is a basic entry level electric scooter for those looking to try something different. It is ideally suited for older children and teens.

Product Information

Retailer: Amazon +

Price: ± £60.
Included in the box: Scooter for assembly with removable seat and integrated batteries. Knee and elbow pads in a small size.

About MCC

MCC is a Chinese manufacturer that makes a wide range of products across various platforms, including scooters, dog beds, tents and PS4 add-ons. I was unable to find out much more about them.


The eScooter is delivered in several parts that snap together and is then tightened by the included allen keys and spanner. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble and get started without the optional seat. The seat took another 5 minutes and is removable (but not adjustable) without tools. The battery had some charge in it so we were able to start riding immediately.

Acceleration is controlled via a twist grip handlebar similar to a motorcycle or scooter on the right and there is a single brake lever that brakes the rear wheel on the left. On the side of the battery pack is a single rocker switch that goes between on, charging and off. This is covered by a rubber protector water protector that broke off fairly quickly for us. There is also a lever that lets the handlebars fold down for storage or transport and a stand that can keep the whole thing falling over. In short it’s a simple as an electric scooter can be and that’s got advantages.

So does it ride? The scooter is aimed at younger teens and has a maximum weight of 11 stone – 70 kg. As such it can be used by adults, but you are not going to get to the advertised maximum 11km/hour – 6.5mph speed at 11 stone. With a little practice our little one was able to accelerate slowly to around 5 or 6 miles an hour. I was able to get to around 4mph on the flat and a little more on a slight incline. The acceleration was never breakneck – even downhill – but was enough that I was grateful for the included elbow and knee pads.

We have used it regularly in good weather on flat, dry pavements and paths over the last 12 months and it has held up quite well. The lock on the front hinge that connects the front wheel and handlebar to the main body is a slight worry as it’s plastic not metal – hit a pothole badly and I’m not sure how well it would hold up.

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The eScooter is among the smallest and at £60 it is one of the cheapest electronic scooters you can buy. It is important to consider that it is aimed at teens and as a leisure device rather than as something for commuting or mobility. The low price tag is reflected in its comparative weakness and possibly in its long term reliability. If you are looking for something for your child or teen to play with, or if you want to try an electric scooter without too much of a cost, it makes financial sense.


User age: Age guide in the manual states ages 14+, it’s down to parental discretion for the age of kids.
Motor: 120W
Battery: 24V/9Ah
Handlebar: Made from Aluminium
Tyre: PU tyre
Max Load: 70kgs
Start Mode : Button switch
Speed controller: Twist & go handle acceleration
Brake: Rear brake via lever with power cut off function
Charging period: 6-8 hours
Recharge times: 250-300
Battery input voltage: 110v-220v
Speed: 12Km/h or 6.5 mph maximum
Range: 15km or 9 miles
Product Size: 740x150x950mm


If you approach the MCC eScooter thinking it will let you commute the couple of miles to the office or to the gym, you are going to be disappointed. Approach it as the first powered transport for your teenager or a way for your child to gain a little independence and balance and it will fulfil your expectations. Lets be clear – this is the most economic end of the powered anything market, but for £60 it is surprisingly good. Recommended for those wanting to dip a toe in, particularly younger teens and older kids.


The review is based on the Electric E Scooter Ride on Rechargeable Battery 120W 24V Removable Seat from MCC kindly provided by MCC. First published on 12 October 2015 and last updated on 12 October 2016.