There are a number of gaming conferences worldwide, some bigger and some smaller but in the UK the biggest on the calendar is EGX, previously known as the Eurogamer Expo – and it starts today.  EGX has gotten bigger and bigger over the years and has integrated the Rezzed conference .  Last year EGX had  over 70,000 attendees over four days and this year promises to be much bigger.  The conference features a long list of AAA and indie titles with almost every anticipated title here, as well as a cosplay stage, a full line up of dev sessions, gamer tournaments and merchandise.


The show runs from today to Sunday although tickets are at the time of writing only available for today, with reasonable availability for a half day this afternoon. We’re attending and will be tweeting the day on my Twitter stream at @ChrisGEllis – connection allowing.   The Dev sessions are being streamed live on the EGX Twitch Channel starting at 12 today and for the next four afternoons are are going to be worth a look.   It won’t be the same as being there but will be an awful lot better than nothing.

If you are going good luck and we’ll see you there!

 EGX London

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