Touch screens are perpetually dirty. I am surrounded by screens all the time and spend a few minutes regularly throughout the day cleaning them.

Dirty screens are particularly problematic for anyone with vision problems and most of the anti-grease wipes on the market contain perfumes that are a common migraine trigger and can be less than ideal for some with asthma, allergies or sensitive skin due to the strong (and strong smelling) ingredients used.

Ecomoist manufactures a green screen cleaner that contains no alcohol, ammonia, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), perfume, EDTA, colouring or silicon. The ingredients are aqua (water), decyl-glucoside (a mild plant-derived surfactant), sodium gluconate (water softener) and citric acid (food grade).

It doesn’t harm screens, the planet or people and is sold with a microfibre cloth that is lint-free and generally highly recommended for cleaning.

The screen cleaning kit comes in three sizes and is available through Amazon:

Small – 50ml bottle
Medium – 100ml bottle
Large – 250ml bottle
Refill bottle – 500ml

Ecomoist is manufactured in the UK, the company uses sustainably sourced paper, “[w]ater based inks are used wherever possible… [t]he films we use are completely recyclable… Our polythene carrier bags are made from biodegradable plastics and we have introduced a range of reusable carrier bags such as the Natural Jute and Non-Woven Polypropylene bags.” Read more here [official site].

Ecomoist can also be used to clean accessories, like keyboards, mice and game controllers.


This article was first published on 23 December 2015. It contains affiliate links.