Hot water bottles are a traditional, simple and drug free way to ease mild to medium aches and pains and keep a little warmer in the winter but there is one slight problem with them from an ecological point of view – they’re made of rubber or plastic. Plastics are not something that is famed either for the chemicals they use or for their recyclability.Owl Hot Water bottle

If you’ve already got one then obviously the best solution is to keep using it – the environmental damage has already been done but at some point it is going to need replacing. One possible answer is the Eco Hot Water bottles from Hugo Frosch. This is a range of bottles made from recycled plastic and with a wide variety of covers. The bottles have no  plasticizers (phthalates) in them and are washable at 30 °C. They also come with a two year warranty.  There’s the Owl, Knitted, Classic and a number of others available.