Between the sheets is a company based in Devizes, Wiltshire who specialize in manufacturing quality sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. As well as manufacturing bamboo, silk, satin, PU, leather and latex bedding, they also make a range of accessible sheets for those with difficulty turning, moving and repositioning in bed. Between the Sheets’s founder Jane Allen “believes that her many visits abroad have ensured that we maintain the highest quality of fabric supply to our UK factory without compromising our ethical and environmental standards.”

emsec easy move sheets

The Easy Turn sheet is made of polysatin at the top to allow easier movement whilst the bottom quarter is made of a special grip fabric to allow those with reasonable strength in their legs but reduced upper body mobility to turn over independently.

The Easy Slide sheet is made from polyester with a satin weave and “most suitable for a person who is challenged with reduced body  and leg strength and who struggles to reposition in bed.” Satin is a type of weave and not a type of material, although some definitions insist that satin fabric is made of silk. It is commonly made of cotton (sateen) or polyester (polysatin). Polysatin sheets are popular and affordable, starting at around £10 a sheet. The Easy Slide Sheet is £31.50 – £54.20 depending on type and size. I would probably recommend trying a standard polysatin sheet at a much reduced price before considering the Easy Slide.

The Secure Sit and Slide sheet is made with a polysatin and cotton with a low friction section in the middle with grip fabric on the sides and bottom. It is “most suitable for a person who requires maximum slide whilst turning in bed and extra stability whilst seated on the side of the bed. There is also a travel sheet that is a panel that can be placed on top of an existing fitted sheet and tuck in under the mattress sides.

Low friction sheets can make a significant difference for many with reduced mobility and provide the ability to remain independent whilst sleeping and make getting in and out of bed easier and safer. It is worth investigating which design and fabric would be most suitable for your personal needs.

Retailer: Amazon, Between the sheets