EA has announced on its blog that it shall start to allow free 24 hour refunds through its Origin online store. They say: “You may return EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) purchased on Origin for a full refund–within 24 hours after you first launch the game, within seven days from when you purchased it, or within the first seven days after the game’s release date if you pre-ordered it (whichever of these conditions happens first). If something doesn’t work out—you aren’t riveted by the storyline, or sucked in by the action, or even just if the game doesn’t play well with your video card—we’ve got your back. Requesting a refund is quick and easy. Just visit your order history and click the “request a refund” link next to your recent purchase, answer a few quick questions, and we’ll take it from there.”

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A careful search through the terms and conditions leaves us with a few caveats:

  • The purchase must be made through Origin.  If you buy it elsewhere, such as a boxed copy and then tie it to the Origin account it will not qualify.
  • If the purchase was part of a bundle you may have to refund the whole bundle rather than only a part
  • Special offers may not be included in the guarantee – some will, but some will not.
  • Expansions, DLC’s, virtual currency or any other form of add on will not be included.

Aside from their stated uses of bad play-ability and incompatible hardware there is one very useful one – accessibility.  This gives the player a chance to find out if they are able to play the the game – does that first person point of view make you motion sick? Does your poor hearing make the game unplayable?  If it is unplayable you can get a refund with very few quibbles.

The guarantee is rolling out now over 20 countries including the UK and US and will go worldwide over the next few weeks.

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