Dwell Clicking on the PC

Dwell clicking is a simple function for the PC and Mac that can be very useful to some users. A dwell clicking program allows the user to use mouse-over clicking, a virtual click, rather than hitting any mouse buttons. Dwell clicking does not involve moving the cursor – it only affects clicking – so it has to be used in conjunction with a mouse, head tracker or similar device or program.

Dwell clicking is useful for those unable to use a mouse as well as those struggling with repetitive strain from repeated clicking. In PC gaming, most dwell clickers will work when gaming in window mode and any game that allows point-and-click can be played through dwell clicking. Even if you are perfectly capable of clicking, using dwell clicking instead can spare your mouse fingers a little and reduce strain.

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My personal favourite is Point-N-Click. It works, it’s free, it’s customizable and I have used it in Star Wars: The Old Republic with good results. The global cooldown on spells allows for plenty of time to make point-and-click a viable alternative to button mashing. It is a very attractive proposition when using both hotkeys and clicking to play as I can share the strain near equally across both hands. Other free clickers are Dwell Clicker or the paid Dwell Clicker 2 if the first is not to your liking, give them a go.

Dwell clickers are simplistic programs. They take very little time to set up, a little more to customize and some practice to perfect its use. Try it for a day or two and if you can happily play in window mode, it is a free and easy step to reducing strain on your mouse hand.

This content was originally published in February 2012 and has been updated and checked for relevancy for this post.

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