The Ergohacks Verdict

The first five years of my adult life I lived on my own and had a bad habit of keeping every piece of paper that I accumulated. From electric bills to flyers to work memo’s I kept it all. When my daughter was born we had a huge clear out and the 10 big boxes had to be pared down to the most important. I chose to scan in everything that I might want and only keep a single small box. This triggered the search for the perfect scanner and my attempt to banish paper.

At my desk I soon settled on a Fujitsu ScanSnap S510 but until last year didn’t have anything when I was working away from home or travelling. I reviewed the Doxie Go Plus in January 2016 and it’s had a place in my bag ever since. I was aware it wasn’t the highest specced scanner Doxie produced but when Doxie let me know they were making a new model that had wifi and a document feeder I was hooked.

The Doxie Q takes the standard Doxie Scanner form factor and grows it slightly with an openable door with integrated stand. As well as all the things Doxie has been able to scan in the past – photos, business cards, single pages it adds the ability to scan multiple A4 or similarly sized at once.

The Doxie Q fits in an odd part of the scanner market. It’s not quite got the abilities of a full-size desktop scanner and it’s perhaps a bit too big for most of us to carry around on a daily basis. What it does do is bridge the gap between the two, working on your desk when you’re at home and going with you on a trip. I can easily see myself taking it to the next conference I go to scan all the bumph I get in the day in the hotel of an evening. Equally, if I hot-desked or worked in a co-working centre I can see how well it could fit my needs.

Most people will be happy with its smaller brothers but if you scan in a lot of paperwork – particularly of a regular size – and work in a lot of places it’s worth the investment. Recommended.

Ergohacks Essential

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Price: ± £215
The Scanner comes with a 8GB microSD card, micro to SD converter, microUSB cable, wall charger and an irregular document envelope.
Paid extras: Doxie have made a case for the Q for £15 and I’d recommend something to protect it if you’re carrying it in your bag as the top opens up by itself otherwise. Doxie sell replacements for two parts which will wear out with extensive use.


The Doxie Q is a small white plastic bar with two black slots – one paper in and one out. On the left-hand side of the unit is an on/off slider switch and the micro USB connector. The back has an SD card slot which unfortunately has the card sticking out by around a third of a centimetre. The top right of the Doxie has the controls – saving format, DPI, scan and wifi on/off. Flip open the top lid and pull up the back guide and open the two side guides and you’re ready to scan. The central section flips open to clear paper jams and also gives access to the battery. It’s also possible to scan single or irregularly shaped or thick sheets straight through the Q without opening the top.

The Q auto-joins your local wifi network to import the images when you start the Doxie software. The scans can be saved out to a number of online services or just onto your hard disk. You can also pull the SD card out of the back of the scanner and plug that into your PC and either navigate to it and copy the documents off or use the software to import.

  • Single sheet direct feed that does not significantly bend anything put through it and can handle thicker items.
  • Multi Sheet automatic feed that can handle around six standard A4 pages without issue.
  • Outputs JPEG or PDFs and can stitch multiple pages together as a single PDF
  • Wifi connection to a fixed network or peer to peer with your iPad or laptop
  • Can operate entirely independently from your computer.


Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 8.1 x 4.1 cm
Capacity: 8GB SD removable Storage and internal storage
Item Weight: .81kg
Colour: White with black accents
Battery: Lithium rechargeable and removable. 1000 scans per charge quoted life.
Release date: December 2016
Made in: USA
Materials: ABS Plastic
Connectivity: Wifi and USB
Software for: Mac, PC and iOS
Page sizes: Business card to A4, including US Letter and US Legal
DPI: 300 or 600dpi
Output Format: PDF or JPG
Document Feed limitations: 8 page theoretical, realistically 6 pages.
Scan to cloud: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, OneNote, Scribd, SpiderOak and Twitter
OCR: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year limited warranty


Doxie produces software for the PC (Windows 7 upwards), Mac (macOS 10.7 or up) and iOS (iOS 9 or later). Scanning in does not require you to have a computer around storing up your files until you want to access them. It’s also possible to plug the Q directly into a PC as a USB drive or plug the SD card into a computer and copy the files over – I was able to do this on a Linux (Ubuntu) system.

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About Apparent

Doxie is a brand started by Apparent Corp with their first portable scanner in 2009. Apparent was formed in 1998 and makes a number of paper and barcode scanners. As well as the Doxie portable scanners they have the Intelliscanner home organiser brand and the Barcode Producer brand which is software for making barcodes and the Doxie Flip Flatbed scanner.

The review is based on the Doxie Q kindly provided by Doxie during insert December 2016. This article was first published on the 13th of December 2016 and was updated 13th September 2017.