The way we interact with computers are changing quickly and even a PC game is not necessarily a keyboard and mouse game any more. Dropchord is a flashy arcade style game from Double Fine that will debut at the launch of the [amazon_link id=”B00C66Z9ZC” target=”_blank” ]Leap Motion Controller[/amazon_link].


It is a motion controlled game. The player controls two connected points on the screen with a finger on each point and the objective is to manipulate the line inbetween to catch good point whilst avoiding bad stuff mixed with hte good.

It is very bright and flashy, so a game to avoid by anyone who has photophobia or is triggered by bright flashing lights, but I can most definitely imagine its appeal to younger audiences who love anything bright and shiny that moves very fast.

It does require some quick reactions, but due to the simplicity of the controls and the fact that it is motion or I would assume on iOS, touch screen control, could potentially make it a useful rehabilitation exercise to work on reaction time and precision.

Be warned the video contains large number of bright flashing and fast moving graphics.

Dropchord will be available on the Leap Motion App store and is coming to PC, Mac and iOS on 22 July when the Leap Motion Controller launches.

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