Baby monitors are these days relatively cheap and easy to set up but they do have some big disadvantages – poor battery life, interference with wifi, limited range and it is yet another thing to carry around. The Dormi app takes a smartphone or tablet and turns it into a baby monitor, allowing parents to listen in on their baby at home even when they go out.


The user installs the app on two Android devices, which can be smartphones (old and new) or tablets. If they are on the same network they should automatically see each other but there is a pairing process if are using your data connection rather than wifi.  If there is no network connectivity at all and both your devices support wifi direct they can set up their own adhoc network so this should work almost everywhere.It also allows multiple parent devices to one child device.

As well as the obvious monitoring for noise the app has push to talk to allow you to talk to your child and push to listen if you only want to use it to check in. Dormi also intercepts and mutes any phone calls or text messages made to the child’s device and notifies the parent device of the call.

The app can also be used to monitor relatives who require that level of supervision, for example an elderly parent with dementia or a young child with asthma. It allows users to check the status of all connected devices, including battery life and have the option to listen in, talk or just check the ambient noise in the room. The child device would have to be out of reach as the screen is not locked down and monitoring can be stopped, paused or device status can be changed from child to parent device with single taps.

The app is available for free in the Google Play store and that includes 4 hours of use a month and there are several ‘invite a friend’ options to extend this. Unlimited lifetime use is available for £4.29, annual unlimited for £2.99 and monthly unlimited for 59p. The app seems to work well in my testing although the ability to change the microphone sensitivity on the child unit would be a clear improvement as ambient noise levels on some devices are quite bothersome.

Dormi website and Dormi Google Play

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