In my post today I’d like to plug a service which I personally made use of in the last two weeks.  The Disability Law Service is a small charity that provides legal advice and information to the disabled, their carers and advocates.


The DLS has a simple but information packed website with factsheets available in multiple formats (including audio) covering a range of legal topics that could be important from a disability perspective.  This includes care, including charging, eligibility for adult social care, NHS care responsibilities, mental capacity, DFGs, the social services complaints procedure and the difference in law for disabled children; Employment covering employment rights, age discrimination and tatics for tribunals.  It covers discrimination, both as a disabled consumer and as a financial operator and benifits including DLA and PIP, blue badges and driving licences and information on Human rights and the law as well as many many more topics.

If the factsheets do not answer your question you can phone them for more specific advice.  The normal procedure is to leave a message explaining the problem on their voicemail and they call you back for details.  If they can answer the problem immediately they will but if not will arrange a telephone appointment with a legal advisor to work out specifics and see how they can help.  They can then support you or refer you onwards depending on the situation.

Personally my issue was not covered by the fact sheets but I was called back within 2 hours by a very knowledgeable advisor who was able to answer my query straight away.  The DLS might not have every answer but if you have legal issues they are someone who it can only help to talk to.

Disability Law Service


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