If you are disabled or care for someone with a disability you will quickly start to realise that you will need a lot of equipment and that that equipment is expensive.  There are a great number of ways to get funding, from local authorities, from the NHS and from charities.  It is a very confusing and hard to know where a good place to start can be.  The website disability-grants.org can be a good place to start at least on the charity side of the equation.

The site was built by a parent carer and despite not being that sophisticated or beautifully designed is functional and contains a lot of good information.  It starts with a few basic pages covering what a grant is and some of the normal general questions and answers that can come up.



After looking at what grants are the site is divided down by what the type of grant.  This includes children, adults, families, holidays, recreation, equipment, housing, education, employment and by condition.  There is a lot of overlap between them and so grant givers can be found over more than one section but it makes finding the right section very straightforward.

If you are new to the world of grants or just looking for new relevant places the site is worth reading through and a great place to start.



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