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Directive 7 is quite challenging and particularly toward the end have the feel of developers gleefully compiling one cool mechanic on top of another until it reaches a level of ordered chaos unlike the usual meticulously crafted flashpoints in the game. It is difficult and a little longer than most if you don’t skip the multitude of trash (a lot of it can be skipped though, just look around the environment for shortcuts), but you can use your speeder which also speeds things up. It is not a flashpoint to farm, but it’s definitely one of my favourites to experience.


Holonet Entry

A faction of renegade droids calling themselves ‘Directive 7’ has rebelled against their creators, and has begun a campaign of extermination against all biological life in the galaxy. The rebellion seems to be spreading, with several Republic colonies and a fleet of Imperial ships having already been decimated by the droids. But not everyone in Directive 7 agrees.

An anonymous traitor has leaked information on Directive 7 to both the Republic and Imperial militaries. This information outlines their ultimate objective: to transmit a powerful signal across the galaxy, turning every droid in known space to their cause. Now the Republic and the Empire each assemble teams to head to Directive 7’s headquarters on the small moon of Zadd, where they must bring down the organization and prevent the signal from being transmitted.

‘Directive 7’ is available to both Republic and Imperial players.

Game Tips & Useful Information


The entry of the flashpoint is the Ziost Shadow Mission Deck. You can pick up a quest on the Imperial Fleet from one of the Flashpoint Droids that will direct you to the right place.

Loot Tables

Loot drops in many endgame Flashpoints have been changed by Patch 1.3. “Affected bosses drop items directly instead of dropping tradable tokens. Every boss now has at least one valid item per gear role. Many bosses now drop a variety of items (instead of items for a single slot). Commendation and ingredient drops have also received minor updates. Hard Mode endgame Flashpoint loot has been upgraded to contain higher-quality Artifact items, including Tionese pieces with set bonuses and Columi pieces. Hard Mode final bosses are largely unaffected.”  The final boss still drops the Columi Leggings.

Exiting flashpoints

On finishing the flashpoint, a button will appear on the top right of your mini-map and on mouse-over will say “Exit Area”. Click on it to leave the instance at the end. Hard Mode endgame Flashpoint loot has been upgraded to contain higher-quality Artifact items, including Tionese pieces with set bonuses and Columi pieces. Hard Mode final bosses are largely unaffected.”

How to get there

Travel Ziost Shadow and go to the mission deck. The entrance to the instance will show on your map.


There are three mini-bosses: two at the start and one after Bulwark, the second boss of the instance.


The detector comes with two turret adds. Take out the turrets first, then focus on the Detector and be sure to interrupt his Reconstruct ability.

Accessibility: It is an easy and simplistic encounter that does not present any accessibility issues.

Mentor Assassin’s Droids

The encounter is activated once you start the conversation with the NPC droid helper C5-M3. There are again three NPCs, Mentor Assassin Beta, Theta and Zeta. The middle Droid, Beta, has a frontal conal damage ability “Hail of Bolts”; the tank should run in, grab aggro and turn him. A reflection shield (orange) will periodically surround the body guards and will reflective all damage done, so don’t use any DoTs on long-timers and do not attack any droid with an orange shield. An absorption shield (blue) will periodically surround one of the body guards and the boss, negating all damage done; so switch DPS to the bodyguard without the shield.

Accessibility: Although there are two shields up, an orange and a blue, colour blind players should not experience significant problems as the strategy involves avoiding targets surrounded by a shield. The strategy does require rapid and intelligent target switching, but with a generous enrage timer, take your time and be particular about your target rather than trying to rush it.


Identical to the first mini-boss, the detector, except the two turrets that were normal are now elites. It is vital that the tank maintain aggro on all three targets and the Repair ability, it will be indicated by red text on the screen, has to be interrupted.

Accessibility: It is an easy and simplistic encounter that does not present any accessibility issues other than interruptions has to be done in a timely fashion on the boss’ Repair ability.

Boss Encounters

Interrogator * Bulwark * Replicator (Bonus Boss) * Mentor


Directive 7 is one of the most prolific flashpoints with 3 mini-bosses, a lot of trash, one bonus boss and three boss fights. The four main bosses are Interrogater, Bulwark, Replicator (bonus boss) and Mentor.


The interrogator is a straight-forward tank-and-spank-with-adds encounter. Focus on the boss at the start. Periodically, a clone of a random player will be manufactured. Switch to the add and when it is down, switch back to the boss. Note that the encounter does sometimes bug out spawning multiple clones that adds to the difficulty level.


Visual: The droid is a little shiny with a shimmering light blue shield, but the effects are very gentle and didn’t bother me.

Audio: There are visual cues for all audio cues and deaf players or anyone with hearing issues (or who prefers to play with sound muted) will have no issues.

Physical: The only reaction time requirement is switching between the boss and the adds that spawn. Adds are announced both with an audio warning as well as red text on the screen, if you pay attention and switch immediately, you have a few seconds to get the targeting right. Very little precision and no movement is required other than moving into range of your target.

Cognitive: The strategy for the interrogator is very simple indeed. Focus on the boss until he throws up a shield and manufactures a clone, switch to the clone until it has been defeated then switch back to the boss. Repeat until the boss has been defeated.



Positioning is vital for this encounter. The tank stands in his usual position, run in and turn Bulwark away from players. Healers/ranged DPS position themselves one at each console left and right of Bulwark and any melee DPS stand behind him. If you only have melee DPS, assign one of them to the panel and they can just turn around and hit it as required. Periodically, Bulwark will announce “Defensive Protocols have engaged” and throw up a green shield. Whilst the shield is up, he does not take any damage and his health regenerates. Destroy the two panels to his left and right as quick as possible to break him out of the shield. As soon as the panels are destroyed, two droids spawn who will attempt to repair the panels. These can be CC’ed or killed (if you are hitting the enrage timer, CC’ing may buy you a bit more time); either way, a new set will respawn about every 40 seconds.

Bulwark has the following abilities:

  • AoE Damage: Bulwark Burst does damage to all players that are not hiding underneath the consoles. Melee DPS either need to run to a console and hide, or if the healer is up to it, they can stay in position and be healed through the damage.
  • Tank damage: Smash (damage and stun) and cleave (frontal damage) hits the tank pretty hart. The healer should not let the tank’s health drop too low at any point.


Visual: Bulwark is a shiny gold, but the encounter itself is not flashy or particularly bright at any point. The area is well-lit and the panels light up making them easy to spot.

Audio: There are visual cues for all audio cues and deaf players or anyone with hearing issues (or who prefers to play with sound muted) will have no issues.

Physical: Some timely reaction is required when switching to the panel and if melee DPS is running out to avoid damage, they will have to react very quickly. There is also some target switching between boss, adds and panels that require adequate reaction time, but if one player is a little slow, it will not make a significant difference.

Cognitive: The strategy for the boss is quite complicated but boils down to this: Tank runs in, turns him 180% and keeps him there. Ranged DPS/healer each choose a panel, stand under it and destroy it when it flashes up at which point droids come out that has to be killed or CC’ed. Melee DPS can just focus on the boss unless the healer struggles to heal through the damage, in which case you need to run out, or if the group doesn’t have two CCs available from ranged DPS and healer, in which case melee DPS has to CC then switch back to the boss. If you really struggle remembering the mechanics of the encounter, play with friends and ask for help; it is possible most of the time for others to carry you a little bit so that you can just stand in a safe place and DPS for the duration of the encounter.

Replicator (bonus boss)

The replicator starts as a single spider droid. At 75%  health, it splits into three medium size replicated spider droids and each of these at 25% health again split into three baby droids. The little ones do very little damage and can be tanked by whoever has the aggro when they spawn. There are no special abilities or any environmental damage to avoid. DPS the boss until 75% at which point he splits into three. The tank picks up all three and one of two strategies can be followed; either focus DPS on one medium spider until it hits 25% and splits into three small spiders that can easily be AoE’ed down then move on to the second and third. If you hit the enrage timer with this strategy, AoE the three medium sized droids until they split at 25% and then AoE the 9 small spider droids. The small spiders do little damage even once you hit the enrage timer, so as long as you can get all three to 25% before the timer runs out, you’re fine.


Visual: There are no particularly flashy or bright effects during the encounter. The replicator splits without any flash and the brightest effect is the orange laser that targets players periodically during the encounter.

Audio: There are visual cues for all audio cues and deaf players or anyone with hearing issues (or who prefers to play with sound muted) will have no issues.

Physical: There is no particular requirement to either react quickly, move or have any great precision.

Cognitive: It is a easy encounter with only a single mechanic – the boss splits into three adds at 75% and these split into three each at 25%.



This seems like quite a complicated encounter at the outset with multiple stages and many environmental hazards to take into account.

Starting the encounter: The encounter begins with a cut scene. The boss does not aggro until you attack it, so take your time to have a look around the room. For the duration of the encounter a crane that hangs from the ceiling will follow a random player around (it’s announced in red text on the screen). It forms a red circle on the ground and if you stand in it, you still get hit for a significant amount of damage. The tank can and should taunt the crane particularly to give healers the opportunity to stand still and cast.

Phase 1 Turrets: Once you attack Mentor, he is immediately shielded and immune to all damaging attacks. Two turrets appear, finish them off one at a time. Use the wall structure to loose line of sight of the second turret furthest away from you and destroy the one next to you.

Phase 2: Processor Core & Guardian: Two mechanics occur simultaneously whilst the crane still follows a random player.

  • Once you destroy the two turrets, a message will pop up on your screen “Danger: Processor Core 1,2,3 or 4 Has Overheated.” The appropriate processor will be highlighted and two mini-turrets will pop up in front of it, making it easy to spot. Immediately run to it and right click it and deal with the turrets afterwards as you only have a small amount of time to click it. As long as the processor core is up, green circles will spawn on the ground. These will turn red and then a missile will hit the area. The missile attacks stops once the core is destroyed.
  • Guardian Droid: The droid spawns immediately after the turrets in phase 1 are destroyed. The tank should pick it up immediately and kite it whilst still taunting the crane and avoiding the green-then-red circles on the floor. Once the processor core has been destroyed and the mini-turrets taken care of, DPS should shift to the guardian and eliminate it.
Phase 3: Turrets and Processor: Next up, a processor core will overheat again and this time the turrets from Phase One will respawn instead of the guardian droid. Take out the core first just like phase 2 and then deal with the two turrets one at a time, again loosing line of sight on the one you are not focusing on.

Phase 4: Processor Core & Guardian: Identical to Phase 2.

Phase 5: Processor Core & Mentor: As you destroy the third core and defeat the guardian, the fourth and last core overheats and Mentor can now be attacked. As before, run to the core first and click on it, then focus on the boss. This time, the green-to-red missile circles will not stop once the core is destroyed but continue until Mentor is defeated. In addition, he also targets a random player with a laser that deals significant damage.


Visual: There is nothing particularly flashy or bright in the encounter, however there is a lot going on at all times. All effects are clearly marked and obvious, particularly if you know what to expect and spend a little time in the room when you get there to check where everything is. There are green-red circles, but the colour differentiation serves as a countdown, so if you cannot tell the difference, just move out of all circles immediately.

Audio: There are visual cues for all audio cues and deaf players or anyone with hearing issues (or who prefers to play with sound muted) will have no issues.

Physical: The encounter requires a lot of movement and some precision timing. The crane is the biggest environmental obstacle and if you really struggle to keep moving, the tank can taunt it and keep it away from you. The missile circles are very generous in time as well as having a two-tone indicator. If you struggle to move quickly, avoid green and red circles. If you are hitting the enrage timer or as a healer struggle to keep everyone up, you can stand in the green but then need to move very quickly once it turns red.

Cognitive: This seems like a very complicated encounter at the start, but the underlying mechanism pulls it all together. There are 4 cores that will overheat one at a time and once you have dealt with all four (and the resistance that meets you whilst you try to do so) the boss becomes vulnerable and you attack it. Just remember the phases: 1. turrets  – 2. core + guardian – 3. core + turrets – 4. core + guardian – 5. core + mentor. Just follow the general guidelines of all encounters: move out of any ground effects, loose line of sight when you can (watch where other players are standing and take direction from them) and don’t stand in front of anything.