Cass, our six-year-old with Type 1 Diabetes, lives in leggings and pyjama bottoms at home. Her insulin pump doesn’t clip well on lounge trousers, so she prefers keeping her pump in a belt around her waist on chill out days. The Diabete-Ezy belt is one of her favourites because it’s super comfy. It is a step-into Lycra/Nylon belt with no clips, zippers or velcro, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear and access to the CGM graph on the pump screen doesn’t require zipping, unclipping or undoing velcro.

It comes in 11 colours and 5 sizes to fit waists from 55 cm to 140 cm. We thought it would be a perfect belt for sleeping, but she doesn’t find that comfortable, but it’s great until bedtime, reducing pump drops that kept happening when she tries to clip it on pyjama bottoms. It can be worn underneath or over the top of clothing and is difficult to spot underneath clothing.

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About Diabete-ezy

Diabete-ezy is an Australian company founded in 2004 by Elissa Renouf. Elissa’s husband and four of her children have Type 1 diabetes. The company makes a range of diabetes and pump accessories and is well-known in the diabetes community for their belts and bags in particular.


It is a simple belt made from high quality lycra/nylon fabric. Each belt has multiple pockets – 4 – 6 depending on size. The edges of the belt is unseamed, leading to some early wear and tear. After two weeks, it looks frayed on the edges. As it is just lycra and nothing else, it also has a tendency to stretch – belt number 1 is noticeably stretchier than belt 2 of the same size within three weeks of wear.

The extra bit of stretch isn’t enough to compromise functionality – it stays on and things remain secure in the pockets, but it has made it prone to twisting and although it has remained super-comfortable, it’s no longer flush with her body and she reports a definite bounce in the pump when is jumping or highly active.


  • Target age: All ages – belt sizes start very small for children and will fit up to 140cm waist.
  • Target Gender: Gender neutral design
  • Indoor and outdoor use: Lycra is not a waterproof material – do not expect it to keep your pump dry, but we have worn it under a raincoat in heavy rain and due to its snug fit, it never slid out from under the coat and kept dry.
  • Accessibility: Highly accessible for anyone with dexterity issues. Because there is no clasps, zip or velcro to manage, it is a particularly accessible product.

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The Diabete-ezy insulin belt is not a budget choice and it’s borderline cost-effective. It is pricier than other insulin pump belts in the UK, particularly when shipping costs are added and it doesn’t last as long – it stretches out within a few weeks and by month three it’s so stretchy that her pump falls out if she moves around, but it is by far the most comfortable we have tried and if comfort is a top priority, it’s worth its price tag.


47 – 55cm = X Small
55 – 65 cm = Small
65 – 85 cm = Medium
85 – 100 cm = Large
100 – 140 cm = X Large

Colour: 11 available colours, including black, white, nude, blue, pink and a range of multi-coloured spots, stripes and patterns.
Materials: Lycra/nylon fabric
Machine washable but do not tumble dry. We prefer washing it by hand with a delicate detergent.


The Diabete-Ezy insulin pump belt is extraordinarily comfortable to wear both day and night. It has roomy pockets front and back that can hold many things. Cass loves it. I was concerned that the pump will fall out as the pockets are not secured with a zip or velcro, but she has worn it everywhere day and night for three weeks – whilst cycling, dancing, trampolining, on theme park rides, during Tae Kwon Do and on adventure playgrounds and it has never fallen out. Sadly, that didn’t last and after a couple of months it was downgraded to the loungewear belt because it stretched out so much that it no longer held the pump securely when active.

Three weeks of virtually 24-hour wear and its already looking a bit worse for wear. The unseamed edges are fraying and it’s lost enough elasticity that she no longer finds it comfortable during exercise because her pump bounces. Three months on, it’s so stretched out that it’s only good for couch potato days. It remains the comfiest belt she’s tried and it remains snug enough during sedentary days to be an improvement over pump-hooked-into-pyjama-bottoms-that-keeps-falling-out. The price tag is a bit high for regular upgrades – and there’s the waste factor to consider – but I think we’ll stick with it for sick days, evenings and pyjama days. Recommended as the top comfort choice of insulin pump belt.

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The review is based on the Diabete-ezy comfy insulin pump belt. This article was first published on 21st January 2017 and last updated on 11 May 2017.