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I have been looking for a desktop clock for a while. I use two screens and it is useful to have a clock in the background which I can see on either. When I am gaming, the time is displayed on the secondary monitor and when I am working on the secondary monitor, the time is displayed on the primary alongside smaller programs. My computer lives in the lounge and when I am not using it, the clock is a great to have in the background.

dexclock broken theme

I am using Dexclock as a desktop wallpaper clock. It is free to download with multiple wallpaper options and only uses 2-3 MB when running. It does have bloatware added on installation, but unchecking the boxes whilst installing easily gets rid of those.

The clock cannot be integrated into your existing wallpaper, only the selection on the official site works with the app, but it is a good selection that should last a while.

The Dexclock integrates a clock and wallpaper in a simple to use application. It has no extra frills which also means no complicated customization and for someone looking to just add a clock on their desktop, this is a great solution.