The TU Delft Architecture Library’s information desk was featured in Inhabitat and Boing Boing in 2010 when the library reopened after a devastating fire. The large U-shaped desk is constructed from books with a glass top providing additional stability. It’s a great idea and provides the opportunity use to use older books that are being phased out rather than getting rid of them. As e-books replace paper books in homes, this is a great way to repurpose older books.

Library Desk Made from Books

TU-Delft-Architecture-Library-Desk 2

A desk made out of books is a great free-standing desk as it looks good from all sides, but it would be harder to ensure that it is indeed sturdy and stable enough to function as a computer desk. Build against a wall, particularly in a corner of the lounge as a standing desk, it could be a great feature and it would be easier to build well. I love the idea, but personally I would probably use an old table or desk as a frame work underneath so that the books provide a cosmetic rather than structural component.